50 TikTok Hooks You Need To Test!

If you are creating content or running ads on TikTok you need to start each video that you are expecting to get major traction with a great hook.  Here’s a list in no particular order – enjoy and let us know which ones work best for you!

  1. “The Perfect (x) Doesn’t Exist”
  2. “Top TikTok Shopping Finds”
  3. “If you haven’t tried (x)…watch this!”
  4. “Getting My Daily (x) Hits Different With…”
  5. “Late Night Snacks Hits Different With This (x)…”
  6. “TikTok made me buy this”
  7. “3 Reasons Why I Love (x)”
  8. “When you LOVE feeling (x) but don’t have the time to (x) every day”
  9. “Don’t buy that, buy this instead!”
  10. “I tried every X out there and here are the results…”
  11. “Want (x)? Then stop scrolling”
  12. “Want (x)? Then check this out”
  13. “If you’re like me & do (x), then this one’s for you.”
  14. “What I ordered vs. what I got.”
  15. “I Bought This For My (x) For (x) holiday/occasion”
  16. “Some days I feel like (x) & that’s why I use/take (x).”
  17. “Things I Wish I Knew About Sooner Part (x)”
  18. “One product I use EVERY day without fail is…(x)!”
  19. “5 Tips to get rid of (x)”
  20. “5 Reasons why I use..(x)”
  21. “If you don’t use (x) for (x) then I don’t know what you’re doing!”
  22. “Just got my delivery from (x)”
  23. “Stop scrolling if you suffer from (x)”
  24. “Stop scrolling if you want (x)”
  25. “Want to feel (x) but don’t want to break the bank?”
  26. “How I (x) while on a budget”
  27. “My top shopping find I now can’t live without”
  28. “Here’s what I ordered & here’s what I got” Whilst showing the website in the hook!
  29. “What (x) industry don’t want you to know about (x)”
  30. “Who Else Wants (x result) without (x pain point)”
  31. “This is the Secret To Getting (x Result)” 
  32. “Get Rid Of (x Problem) With (x solution/product)”
  33. “What You Need To Know About (x problem/product/solution)”
  34. “The Lazy Way To Get (x Result)”
  35. “The quickest way to solve (x Problem)”
  36. “Little known ways too (x get the result/solve the problem)”
  37. “How I do (x)!”
  38. “I Wish I Knew About This Brand Before!”
  39. “My Personal Battle With (x problem)”
  40. “This is the biggest mistake people make when (x solution to a problem)”
  41. “5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I (tried all these other x solutions)”
  42. “How To Get (X Result) Quickly”
  43. “If you’re not doing (x) you’re missing out”
  44. “This is why your (x solution)  isn’t working”
  45. “If you want (x Results) avoid this, and try this!”
  46. “Calling all (target audience) who are tired of (x problem)”
  47. “Okay, I’m sharing my secret on how I (use x product/solution”
  48. “The simple way to do (x)”
  49. “(X) Reason why you should be using (product)”
  50. “Why is nobody talking about this (product)”

List created by Bradley Hillier

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