About Us

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Who we are!

Gold Gorilla Media was founded in 2016 with the goal of doing stuff we love for organizations that do stuff they love – our passion is growing yours!

Gold Gorilla Media was founded on the idea that traditional advertising alone isn’t enough to bring in customers. We believe it’s important for businesses of all sizes, from startups just getting started out or established brands looking at growing their customer base – everyone needs a strong digital strategy!

We want our clients’ stories told through unique campaigns which resonate with target markets; this means going against what you might typically think about when thinking “marketing” (ie: how do I make my company look better? What are some ads where people will see them?). At GGM we’re used to thinking outside of the box.

How did we pick our name?

When we were picking a name we knew that we wanted something that was energetic and bright – focused on social interaction and conversation.

We tried several different names and but everything we liked was taken or the website domain was registered already so we started to get creative by combining colors and animals.  As soon as we said Gold Gorilla out loud we knew it was great!

Gorillas are one of the most social creatures on the planet and in color theory gold represents loyalty, dependability, caring, success, brightness, engagement, and cheerfulness.

Does the name choose you or the other way around?  We aren’t quite sure… but we love it!

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Great Companies We Work With

It's time to take control of your marketing message and reach more customers.

Ready To Jump Out of the Chaos?

Uniquely Tatum Coaching

“Highly recommend working with Justin! He is an absolute gem who has saved the day for me and my website on several occasions. Cannot recommend GGM enough. Thank You!”
- Tatum Cohen

Studio Conceal

“Collaborating with Justin to get my digital marketing refined was an awesome experience. I felt like he took the time to better understand my niche and that it wasn’t a one size fits all strategy with him.”
- Jayd Hernandez

Clemons Boats

“Justin does a great job! Everything from knowledge, all the way to communication is done at a high level and the results follow. Very happy to have chosen Gold Gorilla Media”
- Jason Clemons

Salon 53

“Justin took it upon himself to gather all of the salon/ spa information & he created a beautiful, enticing website. If you are looking for someone to help grow your business through social media, Justin is your guy!”
- Brenda Boehm

Fox Cycle Works

“When it comes to digital marketing Justin and his team are rock stars. We have been working with Gold Gorilla for over a year and they deliver results.”
- Dane Fox

Sloopy’s Pizza

“Justin is very professional and knowledgeable about taking your business to the next level and has a wealth of knowledge to help assist any business to generate leads, bring in traffic, and provide quality content.”
- Brad Corbin